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With Our Hops, You Can Make Your Own Beers to Suit Your Personal Taste

Brew Delicious Homemade Beer with Your Homegrown Hops

In addition to growing herbs in your garden, you can grow your own hops from rhizomes. Hops are used for micro-brewing and home beer brewing, as well as making relaxing teas, dream pillows, and seasonal shelter or privacy screens with their fast-growing bines and abundant leaves. Our huge selection of rhizomes with a vast range of alpha and beta acids, aroma, bitterness and flavors lends the brewer endless possibilties to create uniquely crafted brews. We always look forward to providing our customers the most vigorous hop rhizomes possible. Success with getting healthy, productive hop plants started is one of our top priorities. We have been growing hops for over thirty years and want to share our experience with you. 

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All Natural Hop Rhizomes

Hops plants are started from sections of underground rhizomes the hops produce to create new plants and are easy to grow yourself at home. These plants can be grown without the use of commercial fertilizers and pesticides. Hops vary in content of alpha and beta acids. High alpha acids control the bitterness of a beer and beta acid is responsible for the aroma of the brew. Our selection provides you with every available cultivar from rhizomes on the market today. Some varieties such as Citra and Simcoe for example are patented cutivars and can not be sold. 

Selection of Rhizome Types

Alsea Valley Traders is glad to offer an excellent selection of hop rhizomes including regular, extra-large, and rooted rhizomes. Extra-large rhizomes are at least three-quarters of an inch in diameter, but most of them measure one inch in diameter or bigger. They have more growing buds, at least 25 more in fact, than regular rhizomes. This helps them mature into a set of bines faster. A rooted rhizome comes from a regular rhizome that was replanted and grown out for a full year. This allowed it to produce a root system and a crown with more buds, making it more advanced than a regular rhizome. We will add rooted and extra large rhizomes to our list when we begin digging them in February and March.

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Hop Shipping Regions

We can now ship hops to Idaho and Washington State. Unfortunately, we don’t ship hops to Hawaii or out of the United States.