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Bring Your Garden to Life with Non-GMO Herb & Chili Pepper Seeds

Fresh herbs and peppers add serious flavor to any meal. In addition to growing your own hops, you can also grow your own all natural, non-GMO herbs and chili peppers with our fabulous seeds from The Thyme Garden Herb Company in Alsea, Oregon.

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All seed packets cost $2.50 each, unless otherwise marked. Shipping is free for seed orders, but there is a $3.95 handling charge for orders in the U.S. and a $6.00 handling charge for international orders.

Each packet contains a generous number of seeds. The exceptions are very rare seeds, which are marked with a specific number of seeds per pack. Each packet will provide you with growing instructions to ensure the best results. Choose from culinary herbs including sweet basil, cilantro, oregano and chives. We also provide herbs for medicinal use such as echinacea and yarrow.

From Adonis to Zulu, we are proud to offer the widest selection of all natural, non-GMO herb seeds you'll find anywhere.

Cracking the seed code...

Some seed varieties are more challenging to germinate than others, so we are sure to include very specific growing instructions in each pack. We are always experimenting to discover their secrets and find ways to help them grow better, and we pass those secrets on to you!

Growing our Seeds

We are glad to offer naturally grown, non-GMO seeds, the majority of which are hand-harvested at the peak of ripeness at The Thyme Garden Herb Company. Due to climate limitations, there are some herb varieties purchased from trusted suppliers to provide you with a complete selection of herbs like no other company out there.